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Our design concept
Appropriate design
To solve the problem
The pursuit of excellence
D + FEEL da lat design is a typical period of social transformation in China to produce atypical interior design group, in its continuous development at the same time do not form a pattern, and also never lost in the process of its mature sensitivity, it all comes down to it, multi-angle, multi-level to interior design and interior design of the special social and cultural situation of intervention.
D + FEEL da lat design
The internationalization of the young team, with rigorous and extraordinary creative ideas, burnished acme space, designed for age.
D + FEEL engaged in interior design in recent 20 years, da lat design service real estate company exceeds 30, design area more than 3 million ㎡. The jade design, professional team of soft outfit, art display services, to understand space art's point of view. D + FEEL professional height, hand in hand with customers, improve project business value maximization, designed to make life more beautiful!
D + FEEL da lat design members throughout the innovation spirit, make them in areas such as architecture design, interior design, display design become the blazers, their work is attention by the industry.
D + FEEL da lat is good at exploring traditional and contemporary in design in the design of deep conversation, looking for more possibilities in generality and individual character, give each design with distinct personality and vitality. For the attention of traditional culture and art philosophy, make the works of D + FEEL more humanistic depth, in ordinary place see the truth.
D + FEEL da lat design to use analysis tools and international digital pioneer design technique, create really belongs to the height of China's contemporary design.
D + FEEL da lat design will work together with various professional, put forward design and engineering for the owner of the best solution.